Case Studies

The Challenge


Aeromexico and Club Premier, Mexico’s national airline and its respective loyalty program, partnered with Santander Bank and launched a co-branded credit card. Users of the Santander Aeromexico credit card earn Club Premier points from everyday purchases, which can be redeemed for travel. To reap the benefits of the partnership, Aeromexico had two main goals: incentivize more customers to sign up for the credit card, and influence existing holders to use the card for more purchases.

The Solution

Club Premier solicited the services of iMAR Entertainment to make a powerful impact on future and current card holders. iMAR strategized a public-facing promotion, and developed a series of experiential packages for Club Premier to promote on a monthly basis. When a customer registered for the credit card, and for every purchase made, they were entered to win that month’s exclusive iMAR Experience.

Sign Up or Spend to Win

One notable package used in the campaign was iMAR’s VIP Manchester Derby experience. The trip was centered around the Premier League’s most anticipated rivalry match of the season, Manchester City versus Manchester United. Guests toured Manchester City’s stadium, welcomed both teams in the player tunnels, had meet-and-greets with former Manchester City players, and watched the match from behind the team dugout with access to a VIP hospitality suite.

Association without Sponsorship

In addition to including the Manchester Derby package as part of the promotion, Aeromexico also desired the rights to use Manchester City’s name and image for the campaign. This presented two unique problems: These deliverables are typically reserved for multi-million dollar sponsorship deals, and Manchester City was already sponsored by another airline. 

With expertise regarding rights and clearances, iMAR was able to clear the necessary rights to Manchester City’s name and image for use in the public-facing promotion. iMAR provided an affordable solution that allowed Aeromexico to align with Manchester City, without infringing upon a sponsor’s exclusive rights. An association of this nature was immensely advantageous to the marketing strategy and overall success of the promotion.

The Results

iMAR created a strategy for Aeromexico-Club Premier that was bound to generate an ever-expanding, active customer base for their credit card. The campaign drew in new customers and advanced the loyalty of existing card holders, resulting in substantial increases in registration and usage. Furthermore, Aeromexico’s newfound alignment with a major name in sports was invaluable. Credit card holders now eagerly await the chance to win a money-can’t-buy experience as a result of their everyday purchases. 

The Challenge

How does a major airline motivate its non-exclusive network of global travel agents to increase sales on its airline vs. the competition?

As a leader in the global airline community, Etihad Airways finds itself having to answer a similar question. How can I motivate my network of non-exclusive travel agents to sell more Etihad flights? The airline approached iMAR to help enhance its current SuperSeller program and take it to the next level.

The Solution

Matching Etihad’s Commitment to Excellence

iMAR is proud to forge relationships with some of the world’s most notable companies. Etihad Airways, the second-largest airline of the UAE, is well-known for its commitment to luxury and top-tiered service for its travelers. With a growing list of destinations throughout the world, Etihad found itself with a thriving number of global sales agents that were selling Etihad flights to their clients. In response, Etihad launched its SuperSeller program, which was aimed at incentivizing a global network of travel agents to sell more Etihad flights, by rewarding monthly top sellers with gifts. However, in alignment

with the ever-growing success of the company, and its increased dedication to luxury, it was time to take the SuperSeller program to the next level.

iMAR recommended that Etihad match the level of excellence and splendor offered to its customers with equally amazing prizes for the monthly SuperSeller winners. Airlines are typically required to spend top-dollar on major event sponsorships to leverage them for these purposes, however iMAR was able to connect Etihad to paramount opportunities without requiring a substantial sponsorship/endorsement fee. By putting together an annual prize calendar to offer to their SuperSeller winners, iMAR aligned the company with the biggest names in entertainment and sports, and provided bucket list-type experiences to their winners. For every client booked on Etihad, the travel agent received an additional entry into that month’s drawing, and each month, travel agents from around the world were selected to embark on the experiences.

Only the Best Experiences

The new SuperSeller program reflected a commitment to the high caliber that Etihad was so adamantly pursuing. iMAR designed a plan that would align the brand with global Fashion Weeks, top sporting events, awards shows and Hollywood experiences. Packages offered included VIP access to:

  • The Cannes Film Festival
  • The Champions League Final
  • Wimbledon
  • The UEFA Euro Final
  • Paris, London and New York Fashion Weeks
  • New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Sydney and Berlin
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • Appear in a Hollywood Movie

To further Etihad’s reflection of commitment to excellence, iMAR included on-the-ground support agents to assist the winners throughout their trips, plus welcome gifts upon their arrival.

The Result

Spreading the Word

The new SuperSeller program not only served as an incentive to boost global sales amongst Etihad’s travel agents, but it also provided a great opportunity to create premium content surrounding each of the events that Etihad could distribute internally. To capture exciting moments throughout the trip, iMAR provided photographers that followed Etihad’s guests throughout their experiences. Etihad then distributed that content through its marketing channels, with an aim to raise awareness about the success of the initiative and to generate excitement amongst members to participate in ensuing SuperSeller offers.

SuperSeller Reimagined

Etihad now has a revamped SuperSeller program, that was focused on generating new levels of excitement amongst its member travel agent members. Its SuperSeller program also now aligns with its devotion to luxurious experiences and top-notch service much closer than before. Finally, iMAR connected Etihad's it aligned its brand with some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports, at a fraction of the cost of a typical sponsorship/endorsement arrangement. In doing so, Etihad put the SuperSeller program on course for what is proving to be a very bright future.

The Challenge

Mitsubishi set out to compete in the small car market with the return of the Mirage

In a highly competitive sector, Mitsubishi needed to engage females within the 20-34 age range to tell them about the features of the car, especially the eye-popping color range! Their goal was to drive enquiries and excitement about the all-new and improved Mirage.

The core objectives for Mitsubishi were:

  • Cut through the clutter of the car-buying and radio markets
  • Engage the target audience and showcase the mirage features and colors
  • Use radio as the lead channel to drive dealer enquiries and street activations
  • Deliver high impact and frequency of message
  • Portray the youthful Mirage brand in a fun, relevant way

The Solution

On-Air and On On-Location

Nova Entertainment made Australia fall in LOVE with the Mirage by utilizing iMAR’s promotions catalogue. Combining a major promotion with the consumer insight that females between the age of 20-34 LOVE shopping, fashion, music and friends, Nova turned each of these triggers into a desirable prize element that reflected each of the different Mirage colors.

Over a six-week period, over 600,000 unique persons visited Nova’s website to enter for the chance to drive a Mirage, while experiencing an iMAR-created prize package at these events:

  • Pink Mirage - Victoria’s Secret Show in New York
  • White Mirage - VIP at Sundance
  • Red Mirage - Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood
  • Black Mirage - VIP at New York Fashion Week
  • Blue Mirage - Coachella Cruise in the Caribbean
  • Silver Mirage - VIP at Lollapalooza in Chicago

In a high-frequency radio campaign, Nova profiled each of the Mirage colors and the corresponding prize package on-air, driving people to the website to tell Nova which Mirage they loved. Radio was also used to drive traffic to a series of shopping center locations around Australia, where the target audience could see and touch the car, and enter the competition.

The Results

"Love that Mirage" delivered huge engagement with the target audience:
  • 644,374 total entries (12 times the number of entries in comparison to previous radio promotions run on Nova radio)
  • 56,983 dealer inquiries
  • Increased awareness of the new Mirage range and colors
  • Increase in online traffic
  • Additional reach of 1.5 million people through social media
Nova’s radio-driven campaign drove massive awareness of the new Mirage, driving car sales around the country.

The Challenge

How does a leading telecommunications company run a campaign around the English Premier League (EPL) while accounting for some of the most protected marks?

As one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, Optus wanted to meet a variety of goals, in an effort to celebrate the start of the English Premier League (EPL) season with a promotion for a Manchester United game. Due to the nature of the level of clearances needed to run a public-facing campaign, this endeavor seemed to be quite complex until they discovered iMAR’s powerful solution.

The Solution

Leveraging Relationships

By leveraging an existing relationship, iMAR was able to accommodate Optus’ desire to run a campaign around a Manchester United match.

iMAR’s association with Manchester City made the solution simple. By utilizing the Manchester Derby, a highly anticipated event where Manchester United and Manchester City would go head to head at Etihad Stadium, iMAR was able to gain the proper clearances for Optus to distribute public-facing promotional materials in their desired mediums. What was initially complex, due to protected marks and the need for costly arrangements, turned out to be a very practical and beneficial solution for their campaign. 

The Overarching Campaign

To celebrate the start of the EPL season and drive engagement for both Optus Sport, their sports stream and app, and Optus Perks, their loyalty rewards program, Optus utilized iMAR’s Manchester Derby package for their campaign. With this exclusive iMAR experience, Optus gave their loyal customers the chance to win a trip for four to the Manchester Derby. Winners received VIP treatment with access to the match, prime seating directly behind the team’s dugout, access to the player arrivals in the Players’ Tunnel, access to the Man of the Match ceremony and to the post-match team/coach interviews, and access to the VIP hospitality suite before and after the match. In an effort to win the prize, customers entered the online drawing through their Optus Perks account or, Optus Sport subscribers entered via watching their stream. 

The Result

Successful Public-Facing Materials

Through the proper clearances that iMAR provided, Optus was able to promote the campaign on:

  • Optus Perks website
  • My Optus app
  • Retail flyer
  • Newsletters/texts to Optus customers
  • Editorial to Optus’ EPL base
  • Retail flyer

Through their variety of public-facing promotional materials, Optus hit a number of audiences. One of their most notable spots leveraged Usain Bolt, a retired Jamaican sprinter and world record holder, who appeared in a commercial to promote the campaign on Optus Sport channels. Other notable promotional materials included a top performing post on their Optus Sport Facebook page, fan comments on a blog post detailing their favorite Derby moment, successful in-app banners that drove traffic to the competition pages, newsletter outreach tailored to both sports fans and non-sports fans alike, and text messages directing recipients to the competition’s entry form. 

Surpassing Goals and Obtaining New Users

Optus surpassed their target of 50K unique entries by over 200%. Almost 20% of customers that entered opted to engage further by taking advantage of the offer for 10 extra entries into the drawing, resulting in extremely high engagement amongst 1/5 of the entry pool. Additionally, at the close of the competition, this incentive became the all-time best performing competition for their Optus Perks program. With almost 50% more unique customer entries than the next-best performing competition at the time, the success was prominent. Overall, the Manchester Derby campaign proved to be a great choice for each of Optus' goals and the fan experience that they were hoping to provide.

The Challenge

How does a radio station lead the ratings race in a very competitive top 40 radio market?

Qmusic, a network of Top 40 radio stations broadcast throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, was in need of a marketing strategy to build audience engagement and increase their number of listeners. Ultimately, Qmusic aimed to establish themselves as an industry leader and the highest-rated Top 40 network in the region. In order to differentiate their station from the competition, Qmusic wanted to implement a semiannual promotional campaign with a coveted grand prize to secure high listenership rates year-round.

The Solution

iMAR’s World Tour

Qmusic partnered with iMAR Entertainment to provide the money-can’t-buy experience they envisioned for the campaign. This came in the form of iMAR’s World Tour package, a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip, featuring VIP access to nine major artists’ concerts in nine different cities worldwide over the course of four weeks.

The most recent promotion, artists included Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Ed Sheehan, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Niall Horan, in the destination-worthy cities of Hong Kong, Dublin, Cologne, Lisbon, Santiago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Melbourne.

iMAR’s World Tour package was ideal for achieving Qmusic’s objectives:

Audience Appeal

The lineup included all Top 40 artists, which was to key appealing to Qmusic's audience and staying on brand.


Marketing collateral produced during the promotion could be leveraged between campaign cycles, maintaining relevancy and invoking continued interest.


The prospect of traveling the world in a single trip generated a lot of buzz and excitement, enticing listeners to consistently tune in.

Building the Hype

Campaign exposure was not limited only to Qmusic’s on-air platform. Additionally, they strategically integrated their mobile app as a necessary component for participation in an effort to further drive audience engagement and listenership. Integration began during the teaser period, at which time Qmusic’s morning show hosts revealed one featured artist and destination each day, while inviting listeners to register for the promotion on the mobile app for a chance to win.

Once the campaign was live, registered listeners could play a bingo-style game through the app:

  • Each participant had access to a bingo card of the World Tour’s featured artists
  • When a featured artist’s song was played on-air, participants could cover that artist’s spot on their bingo card
  • After all spots were covered, the participant could enter the final round to win the World Tour prize
  • Finalists competed in an elimination contest, hosted through the mobile app and broadcast live on-air

The Result

Through the partnership with iMAR Entertainment and its World Tour package, Qmusic found success in reaching their objectives and dominating their market.

iMAR’s management of clearances and IP rights enabled Qmusic to use the featured artists’ image and likeness, as well as promote the campaign across multiple platforms: on-air, online, billboard advertisements and TV commercials. Additionally, any related content that was produced, including digital and audio clips from the winners directly, could be used in future marketing endeavors. As a result, Qmusic not only expanded their audience, but also retained listenership through continued relevancy and engagement in-between active campaigns.

Most importantly, the campaign substantially boosted ratings and allowed Qmusic to stay above competitors on the airwaves. Qmusic’s loyal listeners consistently tune in, highly anticipating the next announcement of the semiannual World Tour. What artists will be featured in the next edition?

The Challenge

How does a local radio network compete with and surpass national stations that have access to incredible promotions?

Radio Globo, a popular radio network based in Rome, approached iMAR looking to enhance their efforts and compete with the likes of larger national stations. In a competitive radio market, larger national radio groups will have more opportunities to acquire promotional content through their existing industry relationships. Though Radio Globo is a leader in their market, they are a local network and access to such grand experiences for their promotions is typically not as available.

The Solution

First Day of Summer

iMAR opened up its self-produced First Day of Summer event to an association with Radio Globo. This was a unique live event that took place on a beautiful rooftop deck and bar overlooking Sydney, Australia, where a select number of guests that included VIPs, media, celebrities and promotion winners, were the exclusive invitees.

The event was not open to the public. Celebrity guests and performers included some of today’s biggest names in pop, such as Shawn Mendes, Lorde, Jack Johnson, James Bay and Julia Michaels. Radio Globo was the exclusive radio station in its territory to provide its listeners with the ability to enter-to-win the dream experience.

Attention-Grabbing Creative

Achievable Deliverables

Despite the fact that First Day of Summer was not an event that iMAR produced specially for Radio Globo, it involved artists and an exclusive experience that were key to a big on-air campaign for Radio Globo. iMAR arranged for Radio Globo to use the artists’ imagery, place promotional materials on billboards and busses, advertise digitally and more. Their winner would win a trip to the event, and would experience VIP meet-and-greets with some of the talent, further adding a unique money-can’t-buy component that is crucial to a campaign of this nature.

The Results

iMAR’s First Day of Summer event included all of the promotional elements that were essential to success for Radio Globo, such as association with top core artists, exclusive access not otherwise available to the public, meet-and-greets, the use of artist names and likenesses in local promotional materials, and more. Radio Globo’s promotion proved to be very successful and surpassed their expectations, making it their biggest promotion to date. This money-can’t-buy experience created remarkable memories for all attendees, especially for Radio Globo’s winner who snapped a photo with Shawn Mendes!

The Challenge

How does a premier shopping center encourage shopper engagement and pique interest leading up to the holiday season?

St. Albert Centre, one of Canada’s premier shopping malls located in Alberta, aimed to be top-of-mind with their primary target audience during the holiday shopping season.

The mall’s previous cash giveaways were starting to result in less interest and low impact, and therefore St. Albert Centre was excited to explore a fresh approach with their promotional endeavors.

The Solution

Bucket List

To encourage shopper engagement and pique interest leading up to the November holiday shopping season, St. Albert Centre ran a teaser campaign where they asked shoppers to share their bucket lists. To complement the teaser, St. Albert considered iMAR experiences that their customers might want to mark off their bucket lists. As a result, they selected iMAR’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square package for the campaign. While awaiting the big reveal of the Bucket List Series experience, shoppers headed to Facebook to excitedly share their very own dreams and wishful opportunities.

Painting the Scene

As a clever way to market the campaign, the food court of the shopping center was given a New York City makeover, complete with miniature versions of the famous Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball, holiday scenes and sayings from New York City, and a holiday photo vignette that included a NYC taxi cab. Additionally, through local print ads, social media, the St. Albert Centre community Facebook page, and in-mall signage, the amazing VIP New Year’s Eve experience was revealed to shoppers.

Added Incentives

Following the teaser campaign, St. Albert Centre encouraged customers to shop early and enter to win the grand prize. Although participants were only allowed one entry per day, a spend above $75 - 20% more than historic spends during this period - resulted in a bonus entry. Shoppers who took advantage of the holiday card photo vignette and posted their image on St. Albert Centre’s Facebook page, also received a bonus entry, thus increasing the centre’s social media engagement.

To increase customers’ anticipation of Black Friday at St. Albert Centre, the grand prize event was planned for that morning. Three finalists were chosen via random draw from all of the entries and invited to partake in a New York trivia contest. Additionally, the first audience members for the main event were given a ticket number to collect a gift card. Gift card values ranged from $10-$500 and were determined by a Christmas tree ornament draw.

The Result

Achieving Objectives

This campaign delivered results that were substantially higher than St. Albert Centre’s specified targets in every category. They had a highly successful campaign that further developed the enthusiasm they hoped to gain from their shoppers, while making a significant impact:

- Encouraged shopping prior to December rush - Increased number of shoppers in November
- Increased November sales by 4% - Increased November sales by 9%
- Increase average expenditure by 20% - Increased average expenditure by 137%
- Increase Facebook fans by 10% - Increased Facebook fans by 18%
- Increase e-database subscribers by 50% - Increased e-database subscribers by 90%

The Challenge

How do you encourage users of a dating app to perfect their profiles so they successfully find matches and remain engaged with the platform?

Tinder India came to iMAR searching for a creative strategy to do just that. They were in need of a solution that would incentivize users to spend time completing their profiles, reminding them that a good match isn’t solely based on looks, but also their unique interests, experiences and lifestyle. The better the profile, the better the potential matches will be.   

 Additionally, the Tinder team was craving new content that would showcase the real-life experiences and diversity of their users. Their app is much more than a way to meet people—Tinder has created a lifestyle that's all about experiencing new things with new faces. Tinder has also set themselves apart with a wonderfully diverse user-base, even becoming the first dating platform in India to allow same-sex connections. It was important to their team to develop content that would spotlight the diversity of potential matches. 

The Solution

In the past, Tinder hosted campaigns and promotions in collaboration with existing local events, but this time, they were ready for something completely unique that would generate new buzz. Their team’s vision was to unlock experiences their users couldn’t find anywhere else. 
With the ultimate goal of helping users understand what makes an enticing profile and encouraging them to spend time updating their own, iMAR helped the Tinder team develop a Tinder Travels campaign based around our European Yacht Tour. Users were prompted to make their profiles the best of the best for a chance to win a money-can’t-buy Amalfi Yacht Week experience.

This customized iMAR package would give Tinder users an opportunity to access unexplored places and experiences that are anything but cliché. From setting sail on a private yacht to a cooking lesson with a Michelin-rated chef, the group of winners would take the trip of a lifetime.

To garner attention and encourage participation, Tinder took to their app and Instagram to share photos and videos that beautifully showcased these larger-than-life adventures the winners would ultimately experience.

The Result

The Tinder Travels campaign exceeded expectations and resulted in a ton of excitement, engagement and social media chatter throughout the campaign and beyond. In the end, there were over 19,000 entries, which equates to 19,000 Tinder users actively engaged.

Tinder also documented the Amalfi Yacht Week experience all along the way. They now have a fresh arsenal of photos and videos they can share to showcase the unique Tinder lifestyle and the diverse group of winners representative of their user-base.

“I have never in my life worked with an agency where we haven’t gone back and forth on multiple items. After a bit of feedback on the original plan, the iMAR team came to us with a solution that was approved in one go. Everything was perfectly managed to the smallest detail.” - Raunaq Singh Kohli, Marketing & Events, Tinder

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