iMAR’s Barter Program and the Cur­rent Cli­mate

iMAR’s barter pro­gram of­fers ra­dio sta­tions in the US the abil­i­ty to source turnkey mon­ey-can’t-buy ex­pe­ri­en­tial pack­ages which they can give away as part of on-air promo­tions (with an op­por­tu­ni­ty to gen­er­ate rev­enues for them­selves by at­tach­ing sponsors), or for client in­cen­tives, at zero cash and 100% trade.

Giv­en the pan­dem­ic, ra­dio sta­tions by and large are not of­fer­ing fly­away pack­ages as give­aways at present, how­ev­er the barter pro­gram may be well-suit­ed strate­gi­cal­ly despite the cur­rent cli­mate.

The cred­its that ra­dio sta­tions re­ceive as part of the pro­gram do not ex­pire, and therefore sta­tions are able to bank their in­ven­to­ry now, and re­deem pack­ages lat­er, when they’re ready to do so. This is es­pe­cial­ly op­por­tunis­tic for sta­tions that cur­rent­ly have a larg­er quan­ti­ty of un­sold in­ven­to­ry avail­able at this time.

To fur­ther fa­cil­i­tate, iMAR of­fers sta­tions the abil­i­ty to front-load in­ven­to­ry while there’s an abun­dance of it, and to re­duce the in­ven­to­ry load as sta­tions work their way through the pan­dem­ic.

iMAR’s pack­ages are turnkey and in­clude flights, ac­com­mo­da­tions, trans­fers, and 24/7 guest sup­port, so

once sta­tions pro­vide the win­ners and/or guest names to iMAR, iMAR will han­dle every­thing from soup to nuts.

All pack­ages are avail­able for 100% barter and zero cash. Hun­dreds of pack­ages can be viewed on iMAR’s barter web­site here

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