Promotions, Incentives, and Rewards
During A New Reality

Promotions, Incentives, and Rewards During A New Reality


With so much uncertainty during the current climate, businesses are forced to adapt to innovative ways in which they can continue to promote their brands, products, and services.

iMAR has the solutions in place that allow its clients to go to market with sensitive, relevant content.

Immediate to short term:

Virtual Experiences – these have quickly become the go-to as huge parts of the population are required, or choose to, shelter at home. Experiences range from celebrity meet-and-greets, to live performances, cooking experiences, and more.

Short to medium term:

Local Experiences – iMAR’s “Local Live” division is perfectly positioned to bring experiences to client markets anywhere in the world. Intimate events that account for social distancing as well as all required safety precautions are produced for client audiences of promotion winners, corporate guests, redeemers of rewards, or any other segments of their customer base. They’ll enjoy private concerts, curated cooking experiences with top chefs from around the world, designer fashion shows, and much much more, all in their local markets with no travel required.

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