Introducing iMAR Concierge

Introducing iMAR Concierge

Your successful rewards program will be even more impressive when you leverage the new iMAR Concierge program. For the first time ever, your customers can purchase exclusive iMAR experiences such as access to major award shows, iconic sports events, exclusive artist events, and more, with cash, your loyalty points or a combination of both.

How does it work?

Just like all of our turnkey services, we handle every detail from start to finish when you take advantage of iMAR Concierge. From planning the experience details to providing full-service customer support, we take care of it all. Our team can even develop a consumer-facing landing page where customers are able to view, select and pay for the package of their choice, or you can host the offers on your own site instead. You simply decide how you want to offer iMAR Concierge packages to your customers—cash, points or a combo—and then spread the word when the program is in place.

What makes iMAR Concierge unique?

iMAR Concierge gives your customers the rare opportunity to experience iconic places and events as a VIP—something they won’t find anywhere else. This makes your rewards or loyalty program even more engaging and valuable to customers.

How do you get started?

If you’re ready to learn more and take advantage of this flexible, value-added program, let’s chat! Our experienced team can tailor iMAR Concierge offerings to meet your specific needs.

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