5 Tips for a Hugely Successful Promotion

5 Tips for a Hugely Successful Promotion

1. Choose a prize that will grab your customers’ attention.

Before choosing an iMAR package for your campaign, take a little time to think about what type of experience will be most appealing to your audience. Also consider the time of year you want to run your campaign. If you’re looking for a promotion that will create buzz leading up to the holidays, the NYE in Times Square Experience would be a fun and festive option. If you need to drive engagement during the summer months, our East/West Coast Road Trip or European Tour Bus Experiences would make a great impression.

2. Use social media to create a buzz.

Social media is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your promotion and generate excitement. Share details about the prizing along with enticing images that paint a picture of what the winners will experience. Also encourage customers to engage on their own social media accounts by asking them to post comments, photos and other content that relates back to your campaign. The more people who engage, the greater your reach will be!

3. Make it fun and easy to participate.

When you’re developing your campaign, keep in mind that the easier it is to enter, the more engagement you will receive. Ensure that your entry method supports your objectives, but also think about what will be fun for the customer. Whether it’s a simple sign-up, shop for a chance to win, social sharing or other creative campaign, focus on making the instructions simple and straightforward.

4. Offer multiple ways to enter.

Giving your audience more than one chance to enter your promotion is a great way to encourage additional engagement and keep people excited throughout the campaign. One iMAR client in the retail industry hosted a very successful promotion by offering shoppers an entry each time they spent over $75 at the shopping center. They also created an attention-grabbing installation in their shopping center that garnered a ton of attention and got shoppers excited. Customers who visited the installation, snapped a photo and shared it on social media received another entry into the campaign.

5. Keep the dialogue going after the promotional period has ended.

Once you have your winners, take the opportunity to talk about their experience and share photos. Even though the entry window has ended, talking about their money-can’t-buy experience will continue to impress your customer base.

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