St. Albert Centre Case Study

St. Albert Centre Case Study

St. Albert Centre is one of Canadian province, Alberta’s premiere shopping centers located on the outskirts of Edmonton.

Traditionally, the all-important Christmas shopping season gets off to a late start in this region, and the marketing team at St. Albert Centre have, over the years, attempted to ignite it earlier by running cash-giveaway promotions and other enticing offers. Last year however, they decided to try offering an iMAR bucket-list-type prize package.

To become top-of-mind in our PTA earlier in the shopping season, we knew we had to increase exposure for the centre earlier than in years past.

The promotion’s objectives were:

  • To jumpstart the holiday shopping season earlier than usual;
  • To increase customer spending within the centre;
  • To grow the centre’s Facebook following;
  • To grow the centre’s email database list.

The team hand-selected iMAR’s “New Year’s Eve in Times Square” package as their first attempt at offering a non-cash prize.

Find out how they did by downloading the case study here.